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Opaline or Opalite is a man-made crystal. This synthetic gemstone is produced in laboratories, reproducing the natural conditions under which their natural counterparts are formed, and have the same physical and chemical characteristics as nature's stone (Opal) extracted from mining. 

Opaline’s two primary colors, blue and white, come together to form its unique shine!

⬡ Gemstone: Opaline
⬡ Pendant: 25mm x 15mm
⬡ On a 18'' Spiga Chain 
⬡ Chain Thickness: 1.2mm 
⬡ Metal: 925 Sterling Silver 

⬢ Due to each monitor configuration and because it is a natural product, the color of the gemstone may vary subtly from the photo on the website.
⬢ All our jewelry is made with natural and ethically sourced gemstones. 
⬢ We only use real metals for our pendants and chains.

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